IMG is an invitation only organization, to enter IMG motorcoach companies must  have and maintain a proven service record and share in the collective ideals of:

  • Excellence in operating standards including: maintenance, driver education and safety.
  • Customer service excellence from point of sale to delivery of product.
  • Support of the on road IMG network as needed to provide seamless customer product delivery.


IMG companies proudly operate to a Code of Excellence, that sets IMG companies apart:

  • IMG companies exhibit the highest level of professionalism, quality, safety and service to our customers, travel partners, other IMG member companies and to our industry.
  • IMG companies continue to preserve a long and sustained history of excellence and industry leadership.
  • IMG companies guarantee their willingness and responsibility to assist and support fellow IMG companies.
  • IMG companies demonstrate their desire to continually advance IMG as the leading group of motorcoach operators in North America.


All IMG companies must have:

  • Maintenance facilities with a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, on call mechanic and dispatch contact - offering complete customer assurance and network support.
  • A fleet of vehicles that complies with all state/provincial and federal regulations and licenses.
  • Maintain the highest Department of Transportation rating of "satisfactory" and comply with all government mandated safety regulations and thresholds.
  • Have $5 million or more in liability insurance.

To show that our commitment to the IMG Code of Excellence is unwavering, we invite you to visit any IMG company and their facility.