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 When planning group transportation, it's important to choose the right charter bus. Bus rentals come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it's important to select one that will comfortably accommodate your group and meet your specific needs. Motorcoaches are the largest and most popular type of charter bus, and they're ideal for long-distance travel. For shorter trips, minibuses or vans may be a better option. Whatever type of bus you choose, be sure to rent from an IMG member company that has a fleet of well-maintained vehicles. When comparing charter bus rental companies IMG members offer competitive rates and superior customer service. Contact us today and we can help you find the perfect charter bus for your next group outing.

Choosing the Right Charter Bus

Each group will have unique requirements when chartering a bus and IMG specializes in helping the customer choose the right motor coach to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. 

Here are a few questions to consider when you charter a bus with IMG:

  • How large is your group and what is your travel itinerary?
  • What size Motor Coach will you need?
  • What levels of luxury or amenities are required for your bus rental?
  • Who will be the main contact person for your group's charter?
  • Luxury or price, when deciding on a charter bus which is most important to you? Safety and reliability are already included!
Are you a group travel planner looking for safe and reliable motorcoach companies?

Whether you're planning a corporate event, a school field trip, or a family reunion, charter bus rentals are a great way to provide safe and comfortable group transportation. Here at IMG Coach, we offer a wide variety of motorcoach options to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect bus for your needs. Our experienced and professional drivers will get your group to your destination safely and on time. Contact us today to learn more about our charter bus rental services!

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  • The IMG Sales Web App
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