The Benefits of Employee Shuttles:

Employee Shuttle BusIt’s a better alternative to public transportation. If employees are concerned about taking public transportation at this time, a company shuttle can make employees feel more comfortable and less stressed. Providing a controlled environment for your employees to feel safe will help build a positive culture within your company. 

Multiple employee shuttle solutions to choose from. You get to choose the size of vehicle you need and build a custom route that runs on your schedule. You can also look at specific services to provide to your employees.

It can increase employee satisfaction and improve productivity. In a stress free environment, with WiFi and plugins available, employees can relax, review their schedule for the day, and respond to emails. As we all know, getting a good start to the day usually leads to a productive work day.

Stand out to new recruits! Prospective employees are always looking for the best company to work for with high quality benefit packages. This unique perk could be the deciding factor to get you that prized recruit.

Shuttles are better for the environment. Each employee shuttle can remove well over 25 cars from the road, reducing CO2 emissions and road congestion. This also reduces wear and tear on your staff’s vehicles – improving overall satisfaction with their employer!
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