All IMG companies share a commitment to excellence in motorcoach transportation. When an IMG company thinks “transportation”, it’s much more than just traveling point to point, it is customer service excellence on a highly maintained motorcoach vehicle with trained staff both behind the scenes and behind the wheel.


IMG companies offer a vast range of services, which include the following:



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IMG companies collectively have a combined fleet of over 7,000 motorcoaches and other vehicles.  


There are many different types of vehicles to charter and it is important to understand the difference to ensure that they match your requirements:

Charter Bus – Deluxe Motorcoach
One of the most popular ways to transport groups whether on a transfer from the airport or on a multi-day bus tour. Has seat capacity ranging from 35-57 people. Standard features typically include: restroom; air-conditioning; DVD/TV monitors

Mini-Bus Shuttle Vehicles:  For smaller groups mainly and used primarily for shorter distances, as cost effective transportation. A mini-bus has seat capacity ranging from 15-29 people. 

Double-Decker Bus: A speciality motorcoach that are mainly found in larger metropolitan areas. Has seating for up to 84 passengers.

Traditional School Bus: Are sometimes available to the public as basic transportation for customers seeing a low cost option to transport groups locally. Seating capacity of 44-48 people.

Executive Coach: A customized charter bus for business, social or speciality groups who are looking for something more intimate and deluxe motor coach transportation. Typical seat capacity is up to 25 people depending of appointments such as kitchen galley and meeting area.

Trolley Bus:  A speciality vehicle for local transport and a favourite for weddings and parades. Capacity can range from 24-50 people.

Vans: For small groups wanting to go short distances, with seating capacity ranging from 8 to 15 people.

Limousines: Luxury vehicles for special events or important clients. Typically seats 4-10 people depending on vehicle.


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