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Autocar Excellence works with the two tour companies listed below. Séjours Linguistiques VTE is a travel agency specializing in immersion programs for over 17 years. We are a division of Tourcar Group which brings together specialized travel agencies such as Student Travel Tour, Weekend Express, Travel Club Select and Coaches Excellence. Séjours Linguistiques  VTE makes you enjoy its expertise and knowledge in language immersion trainings. By choosing Séjours Linguistiques VTE for your immersion, you give yourself the best tools to ensure a successful experience abroad. Enjoy our advice to help you choose the destination that best meets your training needs while taking into account your interests, preferences and your budget. Always a pleasure to make you learn while travelling! Phone:877 278-3867 Email:info@immersion-vte.com  Webpage: http://www.immersion-vte.com/index.html Weekend Express travel agencyhas been offering for over 20 years quality coach holidays to New York, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, Virginia Beach. Air travels are newly available with the same suppliers and guides qualities; see the various section of our website. Group tours are our specialty and custom packages can be developed on request. We also offer sports travels to go see professional teams in action!  Always a pleasure to make you travel! Phone:877 752-0986 Email:info@weekend-express.com Webpage: http://www.weekend-express.com/