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IMG Releases 2023 Travel Resource Guide

One of the motorcoach industry’s “go to” publications for those contracting transportation has been released, IMG’s 2023 Travel Resource Guide.  This digital publication features comprehensive details to help planners: individual company details of the 54 member companies; gateway cities; plus listings of international motorcoach companies via IMG’s membership in the Global Passenger Network (GPN).

“We know the value this publication has to both consumers and travel professionals as they plan future travel. Being at your fingertips, there is the ability to learn more about each IMG company, from the types of vehicles in their fleets, to types of travel they service, key contact details and gateway cities served. This brings another level of confidence when choosing an IMG operator” said IMG President, Bronwyn Wilson.  

“We encourage contractors to book early and more specifically carefully consider their transportation partners. There are many websites that may look like motorcoach operators yet are not. At IMG we are committed to reliable, safe transportation and we are the motorcoach owners and operators – a very important consideration in this time where demand is outweighing supply. The Travel Resource Guide is a most valuable tool for planning.” Wilson said.

The 2023 Travel Resource Guide is easily found on the IMG website and we encourage saving to your desktop for easy access.


2023 Travel Resource Guide