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The art of travel is about the seamless interplay between the wanderlust of a traveler and the expertise of a transport provider.

When it comes to journeys that involve groups—be they leisure, corporate, or otherwise—transportation is not just about moving bodies from point A to B; it embodies the collective experience of camaraderie, comfort, and the golden curtain of service that shrouds every great travel memory. This is the niche that the International Motorcoach Group (IMG) has refined into its very essence.

The International Motorcoach Group is an association of more than fifty leading companies that specialize in motor coach transportation. These operators work like the precision gears of a timepiece, ensuring that every international, national, or regional trip unfolds with the grace and safety expected from world-class service.

Rooted in Excellence

Founded back in 1998, the core ethos of IMG was and continues to be a shared pursuit of excellence in customer service, safety, training, and maintenance. Each member of the group, signaling the spirit of teamwork, contributes its best practices, guidelines, and operational standards that have been years in the making.

Sharing not just routes, but also wisdom and best practices, allows IMG's motor coach companies to continually uplift their benchmark and, in doing so, redefine what it means to charter a bus.

A Safety-First Mindset

IMG members are more than just operators; they are custodians of a culture that champions safety above all else. From the stringent vetting processes for drivers to the investment in state-of-the-art safety technology within their fleets, IMG members undeniably ‘brake’ for nothing when it comes to passenger well-being.

Advanced Training for Superior Service

In the motor coach industry, service isn't just about a friendly smile and a clean bus — though those play a significant role. The training imparted to the personnel goes the extra mile, honing communication skills, cultural sensitivity, and even emergency response training to empower every staff member to deliver a premium travel experience.


The Preferable Partner

Why is IMG the preferred choice for leading groups across North America? It lies in their versatility to cater to various styles of travel under one formidable umbrella. Whether it's the luxury-laden demands of a corporate retreat, the meticulous planning needed for a wedding entourage, or the flexible scheduling vital for a sports team's success, IMG operators are tailored to handle them all.

Corporate Clout

The corporate world is a fast-paced one, and IMG operators understand this better than most. Their services are not just a mode of transport; they are the framework that supports efficient operations, swaying the scales towards success with each mile traveled.

Group Harmony

With the ability to accommodate sizeable groups, IMG operators are an orchestrator, ensuring that the complexities of group travel are harmonized into a smooth symphony. Gone are the days of logistics-induced headaches; IMG brings in the promise of a well-oiled machine that takes care of everything.

The Family that Travels Together

From multigenerational vacations to school outings, family trips are a culmination of shared experiences. IMG understands the emotional investment these journeys carry, crafting services that cater to the needs of both the youngest and the wisest travelers among us.


The Lasting Legacy of a Journey

IMG’s motorcoaches don’t just transport people; they tell a tale of exemplary service, steadfast safety, and superlative satisfaction. Their legacy is in the memories of countless passengers who have entrusted them with their travels. Join in the legacy and book a charter bus with an IMG company for your next group advenure! 

Eco-Conscious Endeavors

In a world increasingly aware of its environmental footprint, IMG operators are pioneers in adopting eco-friendly practices within their fleets. From bio-fuel alternatives to the employment of the latest engine efficiency technologies, they move in unison towards a greener tomorrow.


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Charting New Territories, Together

In the labyrinth of group travel, the search for a beacon is over with the International Motorcoach Group. This fusion of the finest Charter Bus operators under one banner signifies not the end, but the commencement of a new era — an era where world-class travel becomes an expectation and the gold standard is the minimum requirement.

To charter your group travel with IMG is to take a pledge to excellence, a step that assures an unforgettable expedition. It is through the commitment to "Setting the Standard" that IMG redefines the customary and ushers in a bespoke travel narrative for every patron.

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