IMG's Eyre Bus, Tour & Travel showcased one of their newest vehicles at the Earth Day Fair

Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area for nearly seven decades, Eyre joined Motor Coach Industries (MCI), the manufacturer of  Eyre's new J4500, at the fair.  The J4500 offers the latest clean-diesel engine technology for near-zero emissions along with generous hip-to-leg room for 56 passengers,  as its standard configuration.

Eyre and the Environment.

Eyre is continuing to invest “in newer coaches that utilize cleaner engine technology using only Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel fuel, which virtually eliminates emissions and 90 percent of particulates (black smoke),” said Mike McDonal, Eyre’s General Manager. “The J4500 coach we’re featuring at  Earth Day Fair is equipped with the Detroit Diesel DD13 engine with the latest EPA particulate requirements. The air that comes from the exhaust in this bus is actually cleaner than the air coming into the engine to cool it. So we are cleaning the air as we travel on the highways.” 

Eyre doesn't stop at the purchase of energy-smart vehicles. The company also recycles oil, oil filters, batteries, antifreeze, metals, paper, cardboard and ink cartridges. It even donates old travel magazines to school art departments. Employees turn off lights and computer monitors when not in use, says McDonal. “From our office computers to our fridge, we use Energy Star-endorsed items.”

Go Green Go Coach  

Motor coaches release less carbon dioxide than any other mode of powered transportation and use 82 percent less fuel per passenger mile than even a hybrid car. Each fully occupied motor coach has the potential of removing 55 autos from the highway. That’s millions of cars not driven annually, saving fuel, cutting emissions and reducing congestion. 

When you ride with Eyre and travel by coach - you're going green!