In celebration of Earth Day, IMG announces a partnership with Certification for Sustainable Transportation Program (CST)

ways to preserve our environment.

In celebration of Earth Day, the International Motorcoach Group (IMG) announced a partnership this week that supports the IMG network’s on-going efforts to provide clean transportation now and cleaner transportation in the future. Working with the University of Vermont’s (UVM) Certification for Sustainable Transportation Program (CST), IMG operators will help spread awareness of responsible, efficient travel options for passengers.

The motorcoach industry as a whole provides some impressive statistics:

- Motorcoaches provide over 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel compared to single occupant automobiles that provide 27.2 passenger miles per gallon on average

- Motorcoaches are 7  times more energy and fuel efficient than single occupancy automobiles at moving large numbers of people

- Motorcoaches are 3 times more efficient in reducing CO2 output when compared to commuter rail

The CST provides an independent, third party certification, education, and labelling program to help minimize the impact of passenger transportation.  By embracing the CST’s eRating vehicle certification, Eco Driver and Idle Free initiatives, IMG companies have access to technical support from UVM, and they can learn about ways to save energy and operate their vehicles even more efficiently.  

Bronwyn Wilson, President, IMG said: “We are delighted to have this special relationship with the CST program and make this announcement today. The education and knowledge this brings to IMG companies is invaluable to their businesses and the environment.” 

“Since starting to work with the CST in September of 2015, our company has reduced its fuel consumption from idling an average of 35% per month. In addition to the reduced wear and tear on our vehicles this also represents a 35% reduction on our carbon footprint”, Keith Fisher, President, IMG’s Niagara Scenic Tours, New York.

“Working with eRating and the CST has given us a platform to better educate our drivers on the benefits of being environmentally and socially responsible. It’s a win, win as we derive powerful environmental practices, while reducing our fuel consumption” – Rich Illes, President,  Sun Diego Charter, California.

Dave Kestenbaum, the Director of the CST stated: “Working with IMG has been an incredible experience for the CST. We are ecstatic that our programs are helping a diverse set of operators from across North America prove that reducing your environmental footprint also makes a lot of business sense’