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Icomera is the world’s leading provider of integrated connectivity solutions for trains, trams, buses, and coaches, serving millions of passengers and tens of thousands of onboard systems on a daily basis. We deliver the fastest, most reliable, and most secure internet connection available to a moving vehicle, supporting a wide range of digital applications which increase passenger satisfaction, enhance operational efficiency and improve safety and security.

Onboard Passenger Wi-Fi

We were responsible for developing and deploying the world’s first onboard passenger Wi-Fi service in 2003, and over the last two decades have seen it become a standard component of the contemporary passenger experience. In the same period, we’ve established a track record of consistently identifying and meeting society’s future mobile connectivity requirements, developing more than 30 patented technologies as part of our steadfast commitment to innovation.

Mobile Connectivity and Applications Routers

Icomera’s centralized platform combines our next-generation mobile connectivity and applications routers, SureWAN™ network aggregation protocol, and ICONIC cloud-based tools to support a wide range of digital applications which increase passenger satisfaction, improve safety, and enhance operational efficiency. 

We have been working with cellular networks and the public transport applications they can support since 2001. In over 20 years of leading the way, we have created many proprietary technologies and algorithms to ensure the service we deliver is state-of-the-art.


  • Icomera X| High-performance multi-radio mobile access and applications router supporting passenger Wi-Fi, infotainment, and digital video surveillance simultaneously as part of a single solution.
  • Icomera X5 | 5G-enabled mobile router for connected vehicle solutions, supporting multiple, resource­ intensive applications such as passenger Wi-Fi, infotainment, and digital video surveillance simultaneously as part of a single solution.
  • Passenger Wi-Fi | Quality, reliable Wi-Fi connection that not only works but works well; proves as important as seat availability or punctuality in enhancing the passenger experience.
  • GoView Onboard Entertainment | Industry-leading platform hosting Hollywood movies, popular TV shows, games, eBooks, digital newspapers, and magazines, and audiobooks - directly on the Icomera mobile access router and delivered to passengers’ devices with no need to download an app or install seat-back screens. What’s more, the content is accessible even when there is no Internet connectivity to the vehicle, providing a fully reliable solution across all routes. 
  • Passenger Feedback & Sentiment Analysis | Allows transport operators to access measurable and actionable feedback that they receive from their passengers to resolve issues before they escalate, and products and services can be improved.
  • Icomera SureWANTM | World’s most advanced aggregation protocol for transportation applications enabling 5G speeds, delivering the best possible internet connection for passengers and onboard systems.
  • Real-Time Digital Video Surveillance & Monitoring | Supporting the digital trains of today and tomorrow and utilizing exterior and exterior cameras that are fully compliant with the transportation industry regulations.
  • ICONIC | Icomera’s Network Insights and Control (ICONIC) cloud-based software to monitor, manage and optimize the connectivity solution. 

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