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Our Bus Charter Companies can help you with family reunions, club outings, sightseeing tours, sporting events, business excursions, church gatherings, wedding shuttles or any other exciting opportunity to travel together with a group. At IMG, charters are something we do millions of times a year throughout the United States and Canada. All our owners are experts at making charters safe, secure, comfortable and unforgettable. 

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Q. How old are the charter buses?  A. The vehicle’s age may be important to you. Remember, however, that modern coaches have a long life and general presentation, cleanliness, and mechanical condition may be more important than actual age. 
Q. What type of vehicle is best?  A. The length and purpose of the journey and any special passenger needs dictates the type of vehicle. Rate the importance to your passengers of things like bathrooms, catering facilities, TV, video, reclining seats, window shades, curtains, air conditioning, wheelchair lifts, etc. Ensure that your requirements are included in the charter price. 
Q. Does the coach operator offer a range of vehicles?  A. Your passenger numbers may change, so learn whether the company offers vehicles in a range of sizes that may be substituted (should your needs require). 
Q. What about safety?  A. Ask about safety features – antilock braking systems (ABS). Does the company comply with coach drivers’ hours regulations, compiled to avoid risks caused by fatigue. A lax attitude could prejudice the safety of your passengers. Ask to see Department of Transportation (DOT) inspection ratings. NEVER contract with a carrier having an unsatisfactory rating. 
Q. Any special requirements?  A. What if I need to change route or times? Check that the company is able to meet any unforeseen eventualities, within the constraints of safety limits. How does this affect price? 
Q. Any special needs?  A. If your group includes the very young, elderly, or people with disabilities, can the company provide appropriate vehicles and arrange stops at places where their needs can be met?

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